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After the birth of my second child, it all came to a head. At this point, I was just going through the motions of every day. It was my husband who forced me to confront the idea that our life together wasn't really working-- and I discovered that a large piece of it had to do with the fact that I just wasn't happy.

I didn't want to give up on ANY of my dreams, but I knew that big changes were going to be necessary and that I was responsible for pulling myself out of my depression. The obvious answer to me was changing my routines, and adding some exercise. I was totally what you'd call "skinny-fat". Not really all that large, but completely and totally out of shape. I started with some Jillian Michaels' fitness videos. OMG! I couldn't make it through 10 minutes of any of them! Huffing and puffing and wanting to puke, I'd shut it off and swear I wasn't doing it the next day... but something made me press play again the next day, and the next, and the next. Eventually, I did get to the end of the first video, and I was hooked. Not only by my accomplishment, but during the cool down, Jillian explained something to me that I wouldn't have believed could be true-- she said although it was noble for me to want to get better for my family and friends, I had to do this for ME. Because I'm worth it. Because there's only one ME-- everyone else is taken. Yes, I was sobbing on my living room floor. But not from despair. From a new sense of worth and purpose.

I started feeling better and better. I got stronger. My back wasn't hurting anymore. And do you know what? Because I wasn't exhausted, I was way less overwhelmed between work and home. I know it sounds crazy. I added workout time to my already-packed-with-things day and became less overwhelmed? Yep. I did it right after work before getting the kids. And it wasn't always videos. I started running. Just like the videos, it was awful at first, but once I was able to get through a mile, running became my favorite. Just me, the road, maybe some music. It gave me time to decompress and refocus before moving on to the next part of my day. And I was so proud of myself! I kept raising the bar, and finding that I could meet new goals every time with some effort.

I'm sharing this with you because THIS is my WHY. My life changed when I chose to make it healthier. I committed to a lifestyle and I'm constantly improving. These changes reset my attitude and gave me another chance to love my life and impact those around me positively. Especially my children, who I hope are also learning from my example.

It was not an easy road, but I managed to set priorities so that my life could include work, kids, family, friends, house-duties AND fitness. I became certified as a Personal Trainer through the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association in 2015. Following, I obtained additional certifications, including Jillian Michaels' Bodyshred, Group Exercise Instructor, Aqua Aerobics Certification and Barre. 

Do you need to change your story? I can totally help.

Or maybe you find that you've got it rockin' in all areas of life-- but just can't fit in that fitness piece? I got you.

I am here-- and have so many options for you to choose from to start your journey to fit! Let me help you find your way.

Yours in Fitness,



In my late twenties, early thirties, I totally had it all-- as in yes-you-should-be-jealous, had it all. I was married to a great guy, happily employed doing the job I was meant for (teaching little people!), working on kids of my own (ending with two gorgeous boys).

At first, it was all so joyous. Each step toward another of my dreams was magical. Until one day, I found myself unable to enjoy it. The days were SO long, and yet I wasn't able to get anything accomplished. I was trying so hard to do ALL of the things well that I found myself doing NONE of them well. I was exhausted all the time. My back was always killing me-- and I felt even worse because I knew I wasn't enjoying all the blessings in my life.